Dr. Nicolas Spegazzini

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Nicolas is focused on developing integrative photonics solutions to complex problems in biological research and medical diagnosis. The field of biomedical optics and spectroscopy has expanded greatly due to the technological advances in optical instrumentation and the development of label-free imaging methodologies for clinical applications. His work utilizes a diverse array of spectroscopic modalities that exploit the intrinsic contrast in biological media, such as tissue matrices, along with rigorous analytical methods to elucidate latent information about different pathological conditions.

Nicolas’s received his BS in Pharmacy and BS in Chemistry at University of Belgrano (Argentina), MS and PhD in Chemistry at Rovira i Virgili University (Spain). He has researched around the globe: Argentina, Spain, France, Switzerland, Japan and US. Recently he was a postdoctoral research associate in the Laser Biomedical Research Center (LBRC) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research was focused on the elucidation of morphological and chemical information of different pathological states through an interdisciplinary approach featuring novel optical and spectroscopic measurements.

As an illustrative example, has recently developed a Raman system, and multimodal otoscope system combined multi-wavelength fluorescence, and multi-color reflectance for morphochemical imaging-based diagnosis in tympanic membrane for middle ear pathologies (acute otitis media, cholesteatoma, and myringosclerosis) in vivo cases. Previously, his research was focused on addressing the challenges that impede the development of non-invasive determination of blood glucose levels using Raman spectroscopy.

Contact Nicolas at nsp@illinois.edu.

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